Mon Amour Pour Toi

Valérie Lagrange's "Mon Amour Pour Toi" jumped immediately to a 5-star rating in iTunes. It's available for download at Filles Sourires.

My iTunes rating system:
(no stars) = Yet to be rated.
* = Terrible. Going straight to the trash when I have my next clean-up.
** = Second chance. Will most likely be going to the trash, but will reconsider at a later stage.
*** = Solid Stayer. Worth keeping.
**** = Great. Better than average. Worth going back to often.
***** = Flawless. Total gold. A masterpiece.

Arthur Russell

Two songs upgraded to 5-star status on iTunes today, which means that, as far as I'm concerned, they're pretty much flawless...

Arthur Russell - This Is How We Walk On The Moon
Arthur Russell - A Little Lost


Five tracks recently upgraded to 4 or 5 stars on my iTunes:

Tyrannosaurus Rex - Lofty Skies (I can't understand why Devendra Banhart is so popular)
Osvaldinho Da Cuica E Grupo Vai-Vai - Vendaval (lush tropicalia)
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Barefoot in Baltimore (sweetest slice of psych-pop)
Madosini - Bafazi (totally sublime Xhosa music)
The Sunset Travellers - On Jesus Program (you'll wish you believed, amen)


I've borrowed the first few DVDs from Season One of Lost. This is our first encounter with the show, and we're slowly getting hooked. I went looking for Yahoo groups about the show, and after digging through numerous categories, finally found it listed under... Reality Television! Eh?

USB Bluetooth

I have a quick question about Bluetooth. I have a Powerbook which predates the inbuilt Bluetooth capabilites. It's about 3 1/2 years old. I'm looking at getting a USB Bluetooth adaptor, but I need to know if any USB Bluetooth adaptor will be Mac compatible. I presume that seeing as both USB and Bluetooth are standard protocols, and there are no drivers or software needed, it should be fine. I've seen some cheap ones around. Any ideas?

MP3 ringtones

I've now got a mobile phone which can have MP3 ringtones. I've been thinking of using The Fall's "Telephone Thing", or perhaps this sample from Napoleon Dynamite. Or perhaps something by Genocide Organ, just to mix things up a bit. Any other ideas?